Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day

A father is a special gift in life. He’ll teach you to ride a bike, he’ll make you appreciate a hard work ethic, and most of all, he’ll love you no matter what. In anticipation for Father’s Day on June 15, the team wanted to share a list of some of our favorite Fathers Day gift ideas.

1. Create a heartfelt poem

A poem is always a unique and creative way to express your emotions. Whether you’re a teacher incorporating Father’s Day into a poetry lesson, or a kid looking to honor your dad, buncee makes it easy and fun to do just that. Write a short and sweet poem, or a longer and deeper poem. Then, simply attach a related background, some fun stickers, and voila! Email your creation to dad, and make him feel loved.

Father's Day


2. Send him a collection of his favorite songs

Musical greeting cards are all the rage, but buncee goes a step further and lets you combine a collection of songs in various ways. By using YouTube and SoundCloud, you can find any song from any time! Show your dad how much you love him by sending him a buncee filled with all his favorite songs of the past.



3. Take dad to a sports game

Buy him a pair of tickets to his favorite sports team and surprise him through a buncee. Pick from one of our many outdoors/sports related backgrounds, throw in a video of his team’s highlights from YouTube, attach some sports stickers, and most importantly, have fun with it. Buying your father a pair of tickets is great, but making your own creation to go along with it will make this Father’s Day a homerun!

Father's Day


 4. Take dad on a trip

If you want to win child of the year, spend some quality time together on a trip of his choice. To make it fun and easy, create a multi-slided buncee with a few options he can pick from. You can go small, like a camping trip, or go big, like a trip to Hollywood! Either way, the time you and your father spend together will be a time to remember!

Father's Day


 5. Simply remember to thank him

No matter what, Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to give thanks to your dad. A simple “thank you” and “I love you,” make a world of difference. Be sure to thank your pops for all that he’s done, and just enjoy the day with him!

Father's DayFrom all of us here at Buncee, happy Father’s Day!

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