STEAM: Cross-Curricular Learning with Buncee


Our friend and Buncee Ambassador Rachelle Dene Poth returns to the Buncee Blog with another story sharing the impact Buncee has on her amazing students. This time around, Rachelle shares her thoughts on how to not only introduce Buncee to your class, but gives some helpful tips on how to engage and empower student voice. Rachelle’s students are ignited from learners to leaders when creating with Buncee. Take a journey with Rachelle in this blog as she connects you to so many supportive ways to connect with students and teachers.  We are so lucky to be connected with such an inspiring ed tech thought leader!

Click on the button below to download a PDF of Rachelle’s Buncee  School Story

STEAM: Cross-Curricular Learning with Buncee

Rachelle is a teacher of French, Spanish and STEAM at Riverview Junior Senior High School in Oakmont, PA. Follow her on twitter for more school stories & ideas!

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