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buncee® is a whole new way of creating and sharing online and mobile greetings, memories, interests, new finds, business stories and more in a unique, fun and social way. By leveraging the capabilities of online tools and iOS devices, buncee makes it easy for even the most ‘non-technical’ individuals to create and share engaging and interactive multi-media creations that can be shared publicly or privately.

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Our buncee.com web-based platform provides users with multiple easy-to use tools to add personal photos, text, drawings, and online content such as YouTube videos, Soundcloud audio, flickr, Google, or public Instagram images into a digital canvas called a ‘buncee’ that can be shared among all your social and private networks with just a few clicks.

Our buncee mobile apps, ‘buncee bits’ for iPad and iPhone, and ‘buncee pro’ for iPad give users a quick and easy option to create fun buncees on-the-go! Visit our Mobile Apps page to learn more.

Letter from the CEO

I’m often asked what made me start buncee. The reality is that while the idea had bounced around a bit over the years, it began to crystallize following a medical conference hosted by our family's foundation, the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation. The thought came to me while writing email thank you notes (I know, horrible…) to the amazing doctors and researchers who attended the conference that year. I wished I had a way to send a digital “thank you” that would really feel special to them. Not a canned e-card or a boring email with links, but something truly creative, interactive and personal. I searched around for a user-friendly website that provided a completely flexible blank canvas and that would let me create something like this, but there wasn't anything out there. I’m happy to say – now there is!

Today buncee.com provides you a fun and easy way to create not only a digital and unique happy birthday creation or thank you note, but the buncee platform has grown to become a creative creation and presentation tool for Education as well.

I love the idea of using edu.buncee.com for digital storytelling with kids, encouraging student engagement in a lesson or project, or designing a custom invitation for a school event. I am proud to say the buncee has filled a need for a simple, digital classroom creation tool.

Whether creating thank you notes, invitations, digital stories, lessons, projects, or something else altogether - we hope buncee's blank canvas will be your content creation tool of choice. Use your imagination, let your personality shine through in each buncee, and share your creations with family and friends or colleagues and students.

So, what are you waiting for? Share the love and buncee on!

Marie Arturi
CEO - Buncee LLC

Buncee gives back

The creators of buncee were inspired by their desire for a more flexible and creative way to send digital thank you, updates and event follow-ups to supporters of their family’s charity, the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation, named in honor of their daughter who lost her life to the rare blood disorder, Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). It is the hope of the creators of buncee that by building an easy platform for users to enjoy a fun and interactive way to create and share their memories, interests, causes, greetings and more, buncee will become a platform used by millions and in turn help generate proceeds to raise awareness and funding to find the cure for DBA. To read the full story behind buncee philanthropy, and to learn more about DBA, visit the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation website: www.diamondblackfananemia.org